All natural!

You’ve Got Maid is pleased to announce that we have switched to all natural products!  Our main cleaner has always been environmentally friendly- Vinegar, Water, All Natural Dish Soap, but we have really struggled with finding a replacement for the Comet-type cleaner we were currently using.  After a good deal of trial and error, we have settled with an excellent product called Barkeeper’s Friend!  This is a multi-purpose, powdered cleanser that is septic safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly!  The other product that we use on a regular basis is Greenworks Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  

We would love to hear from our clients if they have any feedback on these products!  Also, let us know… is this something that is important to you?  Do you use environmentally friendly products in your home?  Do you specifically look for ways to reduce the use of chemicals around your pets and children?


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