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All natural!

You’ve Got Maid is pleased to announce that we have switched to all natural products!  Our main cleaner has always been environmentally friendly- Vinegar, Water, All Natural Dish Soap, but we have really struggled with finding a replacement for the Comet-type cleaner we were currently using.  After a good deal of trial and error, we have settled with an excellent product called Barkeeper’s Friend!  This is a multi-purpose, powdered cleanser that is septic safe, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly!  The other product that we use on a regular basis is Greenworks Toilet Bowl Cleaner.  

We would love to hear from our clients if they have any feedback on these products!  Also, let us know… is this something that is important to you?  Do you use environmentally friendly products in your home?  Do you specifically look for ways to reduce the use of chemicals around your pets and children?

House cleaning in Langley

Hello customers,

Here is the definition of our Langley service boundaries.  With Maple Ridge being our home base, we are somewhat limited as to how far we can venture out of that area.  So, with the Golden Ears Bridge as a starting point, we will travel EAST to 216th, SOUTH to 64th, and WEST to 184th.  If you live within this area we will be happy to add you to our service rotation for house cleaning in whatever capacity you need us!  If you have any questions about this or any of our other services please don’t hesitate to contact us today!  Thank you!

Cleaning Gift Certificates: A unique gift idea from You’ve Got Maid

langley cleaning serivcesA gift certificate from You’ve Got Maid is a thoughtful and unique gift idea as everyone appreciates a clean house and the extra time generated from not having to do it yourself. Ideal for those “hard to buy for people”… consider a Gift Certificate for such occasions as Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Christmas, Anniversaries… the possibilities are endless! Also suitable for family, friends, co-workers, or even staff parties and work incentive programs! Just purchase an online (or physical) gift certificate from our website and we’ll look after the rest!

*Please ensure that your recipient is within our service area.  If unsure, please contact us at youvegotmaid@shaw.ca or call 604-992-6243.

A few cleaning tips for your home or office

  • Save your old toothbrushes! They are to best tools to get into those hard-to-reach places around your faucets, sinks, and the buttons on your kitchen appliances.
  • Did your teenage son forget to cover his bowl of chili when he ‘nuked’ it up? A great trick for removing that crusty, cement-like mess from the inside of your microwave is to run a cloth under hot water, wring it out, put it in your microwave and turn it on high for 45-60 seconds. Be careful when you take it out (it will be hot), but the inside will wipe up effortlessly!
  • Looking for an “Earth Friendly” toilet deodorizer? Here’s a couple of ideas: You can pour three cups of white vinegar into the bowl and let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes before flushing… or another solution is to pour one cup of baking soda in the tank once a week. These are great ‘maintenance ideas’ for in between cleaning appointments!
  • Baby receiving blankets make great cleaning cloths – they are low lint, absorbent, and will polish your chrome to a high shine if you use them to dry your faucets with. So hang onto your old ones even if you don’t need them for your kids any more, and keep your eyes open for them at garage sales and consignment stores!
  • Things that should be maintained: We are talking about blinds and baseboards! These are two areas of your home that can cut down on a lot of work in the long run if they are simply dusted on a regular basis. Both of these are a BIG job to wash, but generally only take a few extra minutes to run a feather duster along. Consider adding these to your rotation of cleaning chores whether you are cleaning your own home or having a professional service come in and do it for you.
  • Try to stick to the basics. We often think we need more cleaning products than we actually do! For example, plain old fashioned dish soap is ALWAYS the best product to use on kitchen grease – it’s good for more than just washing your dishes with!
Not enough time to keep your home clean? Email You’ve Got Maid or give us a call and have our Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and Langley house cleaning experts do the cleaning for you!

Welcome New Clients!

Special Offer For New Clients!

cleaning services maple ridgeMention this offer to save 10% off your first appointment of five hours or longer. Returning clients will save 25% off their second clean!

*Please note: the second appointment must be booked within four weeks of the first and be a minimum of three hours in duration. Appointment bookings subject to availability*

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