Policies and Terms of Service Information

Thank you for showing interest in our small but growing company. We are so pleased that you have taken the time to browse our website and are considering hiring us to fulfill your cleaning needs. Although we do not expect or require our clients to sign a contract upon employing our services, we would like each new client to be aware of certain policies we must implement in order for us to satisfy our obligations to each other successfully.

  1. May we ask that you work with us in our goal of providing the best service possible. The first three visits will familiarize our staff with the layout of your home and the areas where they should concentrate their efforts. Please be patient during this time.
  2. Our service is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If, after any cleaning visit, you are not completely satisfied please contact the office within 24 hours to let us know. We will return, free of charge, within two business days to correct the problem or, if it is more convenient for you, give you a discount on our next visit. Also for your peace of mind we are happy to inform you that we are fully licensed, bonded and insured.
  3. Let us know with a note or pre-appointment email if there is a particular task or area that you would like us to concentrate on during any given visit. We aim to please but keep in mind that you are being billed at an hourly rate and we won’t exceed that time unless it has been previously arranged. If you have heavy duty cleaning (i.e. inside of fridge or oven) that you would like us to perform, just give us a call at the office ahead of time and we can discuss how this may affect your cleaning bill for that particular visit.
  4. We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Any appointments cancelled with less than two BUSINESS DAYS notice will be charged a 50% cancellation fee. This charge is strictly to help protect the employee’s hours. If, for any reason, the staff cannot gain access to your home for your confirmed appointment, again the 50% fee will apply.
  5. It is our strict policy to only charge you for time worked. Your cleaning staff has been trained to look around for extra jobs to do should they finish ahead of schedule, but if they do happen to leave early they will leave you a note on your checklist to let you know and you will be given a credit towards your next cleaning appointment.
  6. The staff shall not handle any type of human or animal waste (including kitty litter boxes), or any other materials they may deem hazardous to their health. The employees of You’ve Got Maid have the authorization to make their own judgment calls when a situation requires them to do so.
  7. Whenever possible please supply us with a number you can be reached at while the staff is cleaning for you. If there is an emergency or a pressing question regarding your home or service we do prefer that you are able to be reached in order to give your cleaners proper direction.
  8. Tidying up before the clean: the staff will be happy to do this for you, but please remember that this is time consuming, and if the staff has to do a lot of it before they can start cleaning they may not complete all the tasks on your checklist unless this ‘prep work’ has been included in your quote. In order to maximize the effectiveness of You’ve Got Maid, you should prepare for our arrival. We want the imminence of our visit to be a relief to you, not another stress. Please understand that there is no need to clean before the cleaner arrives! We will be more than able to concentrate on our tasks if you can find time to do the following: *PICK UP AND SORT CLUTTER, STORE CLEAN CLOTHING, PUT CLEAN DISHES AWAY, DUMP AND REFILL THE LITTER BOX IF YOU HAVE A CAT*.
  9. Payments can be made in the form of cheque, cash, Visa or MasterCardand are due at the time of service. Occasionally we do make other arrangements with clients, but for the most part we prefer that accounts be kept up to date. If you are not going to be home at the time of your appointment please leave your payment on the kitchen counter or table and the staff will collect it and leave you a receipt. If you would like to pay with credit card we will set that up in advance.
    1. All first time and one time visits are on a cash or credit card basis only and again are due upon completion of the job
    2. Please keep in mind that there is a $25 processing fee for any NSF cheques. We know that oversights happen occasionally, but they are time consuming and costly for all involved, so if we receive two returned cheques from you we will ask that you pay via cash or credit card for a minimum three month period.
  10. Finally, we are always eager for any kind of feedback from our clients - whether it is it positive or otherwise. Please let us know when we do something that you really like and also when we do not. It is always good to receive a compliment, particularly when we try so hard to give you the best service available. After each regular visit our staff will leave you a completed check list covering the tasks they performed that day. Please feel free to look it over and give us that feedback as we are always striving to do better and open communication generally leads to happier clients. Our firm belief is that after all, it is your home and we want your clean tailor made to be done exactly the way you want it!

*Please note that your quote will be valid for a period of thirty days from the date it was given.


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